Winning business decisions  depends on making  a carefully argued case, marshalling all the facts and offering  full and transparent  explanations to suit many  different audiences. It is essential to create the right climate of opinion to suit accountants and designers, operations managers, project and production managers, technical  and quality specialists, not forgetting  shareholders, staff  and community representatives.

Problems solved, targets met and satisfaction achieved can all be highlighted and documented in case studies to help you convince sceptics, overcome commercial and legislative barriers and win new business. Our team will talk to your customers and create accurate, approved copy to benefit your customers and enhance your reputation.
Communications for the lifesciences
Wear resistant coatings
SMART-HIP, a research project led by Cambridge coating specialist Tecvac Ltd and leading UK hip prosthesis manufacturer, Corin Ltd, has demonstrated the potential of new wear resistant coatings to increase implant longevity in Metal-on-Metal (MoM) hip prostheses and future potential applications to trunnions and tapers to prevent fretting and corrosion.

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Clean room moulding at Kington
Arrow Medical has introduced silicone moulding facilities as part of the clean room facilities at Kington, Herefordshire. This latest investment serves an integrated assembly unit within the clean room, one of three now totalling 3,100 sq.ft. (344 sq. m.) at Kington. The unit is housed in within a 600 sq. ft. (56 sq.m.) soft wall, ISO 14644 Class 7  clean room, accredited to FDA GMP, and ISO 13485.

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